Chapter 4: The Final Steps


Chapter 4

This is it people! It’s crunch time! Last time I checked in, I was busy taking care of all the little steps necessary to move my life to Koh Tao, Thailand. This past week has been nothing but goodbyes and preparation. I’ve had multiple goodbye dinners and drinks, and I’ve ordered countless packages from Amazon. Sometimes I wonder if the mailman thinks I have a shopping addiction.

Last time in the driver’s seat 😦

I finally gave up Penny (my car) on the 14th of September to my best bud, David. I got her all cleaned up the day before and spent a good chunk of time clearing out all of the random junk I stored in there. We met in the morning at the mall where I just needed to buy one last thing… an external charger. I remembered how much I wished I had one when I was in Thailand last year and I was really thankful that I remembered.

This was the day before I was meant to leave. Once I gave up the car, there wasn’t much left for me to do. When I got home, David came in for a few minutes and we were talking about the long upcoming journey and I decided to double-check the flights. Air Canada employees have a special website where they can see how many open seats are available on certain flights. The last time I checked, the flights were wide open. But still, they change by the hour.

My flight was scheduled to leave from Montreal at 7:30am to Vancouver, and then from Vancouver to Honk Kong at 1:30pm. As I was checking the flight status, the Air Canada website seemed to have been glitching because it couldn’t find my flight itinerary out of Vancouver… strange, I thought. Maybe it was just an issue with my phone, so I opened up my laptop and it was the same thing. After a few different searches, I find out that my flight has been cancelled. Cancelled??? Why!!?? The only thing that came to my mind was that maybe not enough people booked seats on the flights, but that didn’t make much sense. I call the Air Canada help centre and I ask why the flight was cancelled or if it was a mistake. Sure enough, the flight was cancelled. All flights to Hong Kong out of Canada were cancelled. Dammit! As I continue to ask questions as to why they were all cancelled, the woman enlightened me… Typhoon Mangkhut.

For those of you who aren’t up to date, this is the Super Typhoon that basically took out all of the Philippines. And after some research:

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 4.13.46 PM
-South China Morning Post, 17 September 2018

Ya. The one day I planned to leave, was the one day that the typhoon hit Hong Kong. “The most intense storm since records began”… just my luck. While I was annoyed, there wasn’t really anything I could do. And I would much rather be safe than sorry. The last thing I want to do is to be stuck in a typhoon thousands of feet in the air.

I had no choice but to wait one more day. I looked at alternatives but they weren’t worth it. Whatever. I’d have an extra day to pack and gather all of my last minute things.


*I’m posting this as I sit in a hostel lobby in Bangkok! Update coming soon*

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