Chapter 2: Quitting my Job

Chapter 4 (2)

Hello friends! I realize that it’s been a minute since my last post which left most of you on a cliffhanger. The good news is there have not been any major, life-changing developments, but here is what’s going on now.

In terms of the phone call I received a couple of weeks ago about a potential job opportunity, I never ended up hearing back. I mean, the woman did call me while I was out for lunch, and I’m sure my tone of voice was nothing short of sounding confused. I asked only a few questions and was frankly just caught off guard. I called her back a couple of days later to inquire more about the position but she never answered. I left a voicemail and still haven’t heard back. I think it’s safe to say that nothing is going to come of that. So at least that’s one crisis averted?

When it comes to selling my car, I’ve made a bit of progress. One of my longtime friends has offered to take over the lease while I’m away and transfer it back to me when I return. So it might not be goodbye forever for Penny! A few details still need to be sorted out, but it looks hopeful. I’m really hoping this works out, because it would really be beneficial for the both of us.

During this whole experience, the part I was dreading the most was quitting my job. So here’s how that went…


Breaking the News

I have been working as a waitress at an Irish pub close to my home for just about nine months. I actually began working there shortly after returning from my first Thailand trip. I owe all of my savings to this place. The hours are long and the job can be challenging at times, but it’s totally worth it. All of my coworkers are nice people and a pleasure to work with. I really don’t ever dread coming to work… except for Wednesdays. Ladies night seems to be the “happening” thing during the summer with $2 mixed drinks for women and $4 bottles of beer for all. The place gets swarmed with youths and its honestly horrible. While there are some nice people out there, most of them are entitled little brats that make you question how important your job really is, and whether a swift kick to the throat would do them any good or teach them a lesson.

I’m not exaggerating.

Anyway! I love the job, but hate that one night of the week. Things could be worse. So the very thought of having to give my notice was freaking me out for the longest time. I was slowly breaking the news to a few of my coworkers and everyone was supportive and excited for me. But I just knew I had to tell the boss sooner rather than later. A lot of people happen to be leaving at around the same time as me so I understand that I’m not putting my boss in the best position, but I really feel like I need to do this.

My fellow colleagues encouraged me to just tell him the truth, and that hopefully I wouldn’t be leaving on a sour note. So, after my Wednesday shift I sat in the office with the boss and broke the news. I saw his face change instantly and I pleaded for him to not be upset and to understand where I was coming from. While he was shocked, he seemed to appreciate that I was giving over a month of notice. And, even better… he told me that if they have room for me when I return, they would try to find a spot for me.

This was best case scenario. I’ve avoided confrontation my entire life. I hate being the bearer of bad news, and I hate giving people an inconvenience. I had so much built-up anxiety awaiting this moment and it went so smooth! It was definitely a relief.


What Next?

So now that I’ll officially be jobless by the second week of September, I need to get all of my other things in order. I’ve realized that every time I find myself thinking of Thailand, I get really stressed out. I pretty much feel like I want to crawl into a hole just so I can stop thinking. I had a really helpful conversation though with one of my really good friends last night.  She packed up her entire life and moved to Los Angeles so she has been through this before. She knows what it’s like, and I witnessed her stress out over all of these things too, so its nice to have someone who can relate. After an hour long conversation, this is what I plan to do:

Since I’ve been having such a difficult time prioritizing all of the things I need to do, I’m starting a list. Things will definitely be added to it, and its not necessarily ordered in terms of importance, but its a start. To give you an example of how confused I’ve been, I woke up yesterday remembering that you need a travel visa to go to Thailand. YESTERDAY! This crossed my mind for the first time yesterday. The travel visa… the thing that gets you into the country. Basically the most important thing along with my passport (which is valid for another 9 years so we’re good). How could I forget about such an important document? Obviously I’m relieved that it came to mind, but it made me realize that I need to focus.

Here is the list I have so far:

  1. Transfer lease
  2. Cancel phone plan
  3. Apply for travel visa
  4. Apply for travel insurance
  5. Pay off laptop
  6. Cancel monthly beauty subscription

On top of the list, I’m also going to start thinking about what I need to pack, and how much I’m going to pack. Can’t bring too much, but can’t forget the important things either. So much to do, and so little time! FOUR WEEKS, PEOPLE! The countdown is on!

Hopefully a lot of the crap on my list will be done by the time I write my next post. I just need to put my foot down and do them. Wish me luck!

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